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With a humble beginning, Yang’s Jewellery store started in 1989 as a small jewellery kiosk at John Galt Centre, in Cambridge, selling few watches, fashion and gold jewellery.

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Celebrating Love Stories Since 1989

Rooted in the core values of quality, service and honesty, Yang’s Jewellery steadily grew and won the favour and trust of customers in Cambridge and its surrounding cities. Today, Yang’s Jewellery has grown to a beautiful 1100 square-feet full jewellery store in the prominent shopping destination – Cambridge Centre. We now offer coveted designer brands like LaFonn, Noam Carver, Michael Kors, and much more.

When you are shopping at our Jewellery Store we want to ensure the experience stays with you for many years to come. Whether you are looking for a new beautifully crafted piece of jewellery to treat yourself, or it is that special moment in time where you are full of love and you are trying to express that with the perfect engagement ring or wedding band. We believe there are so many ways to show how you feel at Yang’s Jewellery Store in Cambridge.

We have staff that speak Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese, and we take pride in providing exceptional service.


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